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TEITOK - a Tokenized TEI environment

Welcome to TEITOK, a web-based platform for viewing, creating, and editing corpora with both rich textual mark-up and linguistic annotation developed at the Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa.

On this website, you can find information about the TEITOK system, and find information on how you can use TEITOK for your own corpus. You will also find a list of current project that are built using TEITOK. 

On top of that, this page provides the option to search in the central TEITOK index: since the type of corpora TEITOK is meant for are typically small, it is possible for TEITOK projects to index their corpora in a central indexed corpus, where users can search through various corpora at the same time. The central index merely provides the direct context of the search query, and a link to the individual project site where the result can be seen in its full context.

TEITOK is currently a private project on GitLab. Anybody interested in using TEITOK, please create an account on GitLab and contact the author with your account details to add you as a user to the project: Maarten Janssen.