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TEITOK Help Pages

These pages provide a reference guide for the TEITOK system, both the functions available for all users, and those avaiable for admin users only.

These pages only provide aspect that are common to all TEITOK project, and do not include any project-specific information. As such, they are mostly meant for TEITOK site administrators: to provide project-specific help it is better to provide dedicated help pages for the specific project site.

If there is any information that you feel is missing, additional help pages are always welcome, either as a text, or as a screenshot video. For any bug, feature requests, or other feedback on TEITOK, we ask you to use the issue manager in the TEITOK repository: https://gitlab.com/maartenes/TEITOK/-/issues. Any question can be sent to the TEITOK Google group: teitok@googlegroups.com

General FAQ

Video explanations

Standard TEITOK modules

XML files views

Installing TEITOK

Global Settings File

Upload files

Setting up Corpus Search

Setting up Internationalization

Setting up the Navigation Menu

Setting up de Part-of-Speech tagger

Working with XML Templates

Stand-off Annotations

Using a teiHeader template

Backups and version control

Multi Word Expressions

Page-by-page facsimile transcription

Dependency trees

Waveform view

Pageflow view

Build your own module


Customizing your design

XML Reader

Document Map

Facsimile Alignment

Obtaining TEITOK

Rendering TEI/XML using CSS

Fixed List Values

System Wide Settings

TEI Autocomplete

Working with spoken data

Working with conditional CSS

Batch editing tokens

Query Manager

XML Layout Editor